People Encountered

King Lucius Alwin – King of the kingdom of Laurentia. He is a strong, tall man in his 50s. He still retains the bearing of a man who knows how to handle a blade.

Kyeran, the King’s Wizard – A smaller man with long dark hair and equally dark eyes. His presence can often be seen in the court, though his official title is “Court Librarian” he is well known as the King’s Wizard. People generally stay far away from him and don’t trust him at all. He is always willing to speak with Elwin and is polite and his speech takes the note of a mentor quite stronly.

Captain Boris Hygoth – The captain of the Royal Guard. He is clearly a man of battle and Roger felt that he would be very hard to defeat, which is a vast compliment to the man’s skill at arms.

Duke Geoffrey Corwin – The current Duke of Silverfell. He is a wily, manipulative man who seems to love playing the political game that comes with being a grandee of the kingdom.

Kiddrick Gelder – Chamberlain of the Duke of Silverfell. He seems to always be in the background when the Duke is present.

Jaker Falstaff – Captain of the Duke’s personal guard. He is a competent warrior, but at first appraisal, Roger figured he wouldn’t be good enough to take on the warriors from Dunhill.

The Earl of Darrow, Samuel Crewson – The entirety of the Windward Coast falls under the earldom of Darrow, which is north of Silverfell. All appointments for magistrates and representatives of the crown come from the Earl. He seems to be a sincere man who wants the best for the people who live in his lands, but is a weak leader. He defers to the Duke of Silverfell on most subjects.

Baron Derrick Modler – The Baron of Darrow, he is the Earl’s main administrator and oversees most of the goings on. Nearly impossible to read, his true loyalties are anyone’s guess.

“Count” Horrace Middleton – He calls himself a count because he is so horrendously wealthy that the nobility doesn’t mind that he’s using a fake title. He pays his taxes and that is all they care about. Anyone who meets him either assumes that he’s incredibly lucky or playing a fool for everyone else’s benefit. In actuality, he is quite a mediocre merchant.

Bruce Karrington – Right hand man of the “Count”. Found to be a brilliantly shrewd man, capable of negotiating with nobles and holding conversations at their level. Although he doesn’t do it openly yet, it is apparent when meeting the two at the same time that Karrington is the one who is in control.

Gary Ross – The deputy of Waterton. Speaks with a brogue and does what he can with undermanned militia patrols. He is indebted to the Dunhill 5 for their services.

Karl Aberschund – Weapon dealer of Waterton. Unscrupulous about getting a deal to work his way.

Mel Tailor – The keeper of a small library in Waterton. All in all loves the idea of spreading knowledge as much as he does hoarding his books. Sometimes leads to conflict.

The old man – No one asked his name, but he did share his fire with the strangers before he died in the night. He loved listening to the stories from far away places. The group knows somehow he died in peaceful bliss that night.

Lord Valon – Commander of the war in the north. He is a bit stuffy, albeit a just man who honestly cares about making the war as short a campaign as possible. This is both for his own prowess and for the longevity of the people of the Windward Coast.

Baron Highrose – Also known as “Lord Fancypants”. One of the Duke of Silverfell’s shrewdest negotiators, however he is quite the dandy and nearly incapable of pulling his own weight in a non-court environment.

Indor – Captain of the Vandreer ship, Tjakeldur. He is almost as gifted with learning languages as Pratch and also shares his fascination with things that are foreign. He is very interested in joining in trade with the kingdom.

Captain Robert Montbaine – Captain that took them north and then acquired a new ship, The Royal Shrike, for the journey to Landhaven.

Regnar – New King of the Hoonvre, who actually call them selves the Ulvan. He is a much more sober and shrewd leader than his predecessor was.

Baern, son of Ul – Deceased. Former king of the Ulvan. Slain in single combat by Magnus of Dunhill.

Gnup – Headman of the Vandreer hunter village, who first treated with the Dunhill Six, though it cost him several of his best men. Quentin saved the town’s livestock by driving off a pack of marauding wolves.

People Encountered

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