The Loss

Before the Farslayer Wars humans had a number of powerful wizards and mages in their midst. These adepts could not help deflect the power of the gods, however, and many were lost in the wars that drove all living creatures underground during the Longnight.

The sojourn had many consequences for humans, being sickly and weak not the least of them. In the darkness of the caverns light was a scarce commodity and most adults forgot what they had learned on the surface, leaving the next generations to languish in illiteracy. The most poignant result was the loss of education that men had once valued, but a subtler, deeper loss was the loss of the magic. No mages exited the deep chambers after the Longnight was over.

The Bright Light

In the third year of the reign of Lucius, Kyeran came to court. He was a powerful magician and counseled the king behind closed doors. When they emerged the king announced that the magician would be his advisor and was placed under the title of Court Magician. Most thought the magician to be a charlatan and sought to discredit him.

After enduring many years of personal attacks from the nobles of the kingdom he finally responded. In the centre of the royal court, he planted his staff in the ground and spoke a single word which felled all standing. When the shocked court came to its feet they saw a great light emanating from just above the king’s throne. It was a fire, he explained, that would burn eternally as long as a king should live.

The Status Quo

Found buried in historical documents from the time of the founding of Landhaven, in the library of the king (author unknown):

“The population of the three kingdoms of men is not known at this time. My investigation into the reason behind the lack of adepts has thus far proven to be fruitless. From my own personal observations, I estimate that less than one in ten thousand humans is capable of casting even the simplest spells, whereas only one in an entire region could be capable of casting significantly powerful spells. This is not the most startling thing I have found. I believe there is not one human alive in all the three kingdoms who, while capable of creating magic, that actually knows even a single spell.”

The Force of Legend


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