The Windward Coast

The Winter Months - Part 3

The Mine and the Ambush

During the months before the solstice, the camp worked on quietly. Nothing eventful happened again, for which the workers were glad. They had worked their way toward Longshadow Bay and as Arthur was scouting he came across a deep pit in the ground, possibly a sinkhole. He decided to leave it for the group to investigate together, lest he be injured in the climb down or otherwise become incapacitated.

Back in camp they found an old friend, Roger, had come with the teamsters. After a quick reacquaintance they asked him to join them on their short excursion. Roger agreed, looking for anything to relieve the boredom of being land locked for so many months. It turned out the fishing fleet was stuck in harbour until the navy could muster enough ships to patrol the seas around the Windward Coast.

When Pratch was sent down he revealed it was a tunnel of some sort. Elwin and Arthur quickly realized it was hewn from the rock itself. After exploring they discovered that it opened out on a relatively shallow cove on Longshadow Bay and went deeper into the ground the other way.

After investigating the deep parts of the cave system they discovered it was something that Pratch called a mine. In it they found all manner of wealth. The previous inhabitants had left steel implements in many places, deformed by decay and rust, but still very valuable in material.

After a brush with spores that caused a great sickness in them, they encountered a series of monstrous worm-like creatures that attacked from below the ground. After a hard-fought victory the group went on to find a strange room. It was trapped and after several close calls they walked out with more wealth than they knew what to do with. They had discovered the lode of the mine: stacks of silver bars.

It was then that they decided to explore the remainder of the mine.

Near they end they encountered the mother of all monsters. A gigantic worm that could devour a man whole, even one that was Magnus-sized. But the friends were victorious before the worm had made contact with anyone.

In the last room they discovered the nest of corrupted worms and Quentin once again prayed for aid. With a violent bolt of fire the entire room was incinerated and all the creatures were destroyed.

The friends began to discuss what they thought their best course of action was. In the end they decided to leave most of the wealth in the mine and hid the entrance. It was, after all, no good to ruin the entire economy of the north by flooding Dunhill with enough silver to buy a duchy.

Another month passed quietly. The camp was finally moving closer to town and had nearly completed their mission. One of the workers reported seeing something in the woods, but couldn’t say what it might have been.

The friends went out to investigate and as they did so, they encountered an ambush. Six barbarians were waiting for them and after an initial volley of axes hurled at all the friends they engaged in battle with broadswords and shields.

What followed could only be described as a vicious battle as Mongol was nearly killed and Quentin also suffered grievous injuries. Luckily though Elwin used his magic to heal their wounds, much to Roger’s confusion.

Upon returning to town the report to Lord Valon Pratch purposefully let slip that Roger was carrying two silver bars in his pack. Valon reacted by requiring the silver to recover the costs of the campaign. Roger handed the bars over without bloodshed… surprisingly.

The town was entertained with another epic retelling of the friends’ battles in the inn’s taproom.



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