The Windward Coast


The group of friends discovered a not-before-seen vessel crashed upon the rocks of a remote stretch of coast. The condition of the vessel indicated that the crew had time to collect almost everything before abandoning it to the tidal destruction it would surely face. However, several pieces of metal were found. Marcus’ inspection revealed that it would be possible to make some small implements out of them.

After speaking with Marcus it was decided that they would patrol the area and discover where the crew of the boat may have gotten to. Surely they would need help. Only the lightest of trails was found after a few days of looking.

Back in town Brennor informed Arthur that he had another duty in store. Some farms had reported missing animals and needed to be checked out.

The five would-be adventurers discovered the missing cattle were the result of a tribe of orcs moving through the area. They had taken the animals as food and admitted as much to the group, though Arthur was the only one who could barely understand them. At mention of the elves Arthur released a panicked shot from his arrow, enraging the orcs and they attacked.

With nothing more than luck they survived the encounter and the surviving orcs swore they would leave the area.



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