The Windward Coast

Adequately Able

The party was brought before Brennor who had the idea of making their participation in the town’s security semi-official. As such, the party became the first members of the Dunhill militia. They were free to carry on with their personal activities, but would have some measure of authority to represent the kingdom’s interests… within reason.

Their first opportunity to help involved guiding the ranger Mark to find the remnants of the orc tribe that was moving through the area. They did so and found the tribe readying for a move North. They did say they spotted some people up toward the North East and decided to head further inland instead of hugging the coast. The new chief was more than happy to direct them back to the place of their origin, but warned them that a great darkness was there.

After a month of travel the group finally found a valley which seemed to be well traveled enough, but was uninhabited. Early one morning Guenther was seen staring off down a less-traveled path. The group decided to investigate after checking that their friend was alright. Suspecting some kind of mystic interference, they loosened their weapons and moved forward.

A pass revealed the path through the last range of the elder mountains and a village was spotted several miles from the mouth. The troupe investigated and discovered that it was burned out and razed with only a few buildings left standing. Mysteriously there were no remains to be found. None could identify with any certainty when the event happened.

As luck would have it, a lone shepherd was found near the village. The elderly man welcomed them and listened to stories and exchanged what he knew of the events in turn. He told them of the dream walkers and the tuskers and how his village was destroyed one fateful night. He also said the tuskers that attacked the village fled shortly after, as if a ferocious enemy were driving them.

The morning arrived the next day and revealed the old man had died during the night, but that Pratch had fallen asleep on watch. After a brief dust-up between Magnus and the bard, the group buried the old man while Pratch defiled the village.

They found Pratch after an hour or two and began to discuss what would happen next, but Guenther was no longer with the group. They rushed back to their camp of the previous night to see him standing over the grave of the old man, arms outstretched to the side. There was a peculiar mist surrounding him too. When they approached the mist disappeared and Guenther could not say what he was doing.

Several miles to the south they found the purpose for their long journey: the orc village. They found many decaying bodies and no sign of who or what might have caused it. The only thing they did find was a precise wound cut so cleanly through the entire rib cage of an orc that no weapon they knew of could create it.

With these troubling things on their mind, the party decided to make their way back home with the news.



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