The Windward Coast

The Big City

The friends found Pratch had departed the gates in a carriage. The carriage driver offered to take them to the same place which was a seemingly random spot in the middle of the harbour district.

After a brief and bungling interaction with the denizens of the street they discovered that Pratch was seen entering the building housing the harbour master’s offices. With lack of applomb the group managed to find out that Pratch spent some time looking through the mooring records and even found a book with a torn out page.

Indignant at the theft, the harbourmaster ordered them to leave and told them he would report the theft if the group did not return the missing page before the last light of the day.

After more inept interactions with the city folk the group found Pratch had been seen playing at a local tavern. They went there and heard stories of his skill and that he had left with a bunch of other sailors to see the bazaar.

On the way they spotted what was a sign of a struggle and the surrounding people told them the sailors had gotten into it with a few of the Iron Hand, the local rogue’s guild. According to them a sailor died, but the bard was seen leaving in haste and making his way to the market.

There they discovered he made a stopover at the City Registrar’s office. The registrar was a pleasant man who offerred them a peek into the same area that Pratch was looking at. Immediately he noticed a missing ledger and began yelling and threatening the friends. He also required the ledger to be returned or the authorities would be contacted.

Only through hearing a passerby did they learn the location of a talented bard singing in the street. They hurried on and found a city watch member who directed them up an alley as the last place he’d seen Pratch walking.

Sensing they were now just a few minutes behind they rushed on down the alley and came to a courtyard of sorts behind the buildings that faced the streets. There they found a man who said he wanted their money. Scoffing, the friends told him to watch out what he asked for.

It was then apparent as Arthur’s ears picked up the first signs of ambush. More than 30 men came rushing at them from all sides. The friends gritted their teeth and began to take on an all too familiar task. The battle was at hand.



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