The Windward Coast

Questions and Answers

The rogues had not known what hit them. They were told about a few teenaged children ripe for the picking. What they turned out to be was a squad of battle-hardened fighters. Weapon masters and a supernatural shapeshifter wrecked the first attackers before they could even see the attacks coming. This left the rest to flee or die.

Most chose to flee, though a few who were in the centre of the courtyard were stuck to the ground by an invisible force. The whole day had gone horribly wrong for them.

Before a few minutes past many of the city watch approached the courtyard with weapons drawn and several had heavy crossbows aimed to fire. They demanded the lawful surrender of all combatants and listened to everyone’s story dutifully. They promised they would contact the palace for the Dunhill friends, but that they would still have to be detained until it could be proven who they said they were.

After most of the afternoon they were finally released into the custody of Jaker Falstaff who escorted them to the palace. The Duke was not happy with the accusations made against the group by his own city representatives. Just as he said so Pratch appeared. He had apparently been back at the palace all afternoon.

The Duke sent everyone upstairs and told them they were confined to their quarters until they left on the morning tide. Back in the quarters Pratch denied any wrongdoing and the group let it lie for now.

The next day saw them loaded on the new Royal Shrike captained by their friend Robert Montbaine. They made haste for the capital and were met by another navy vessel, the Nocturne. Apparently the King’s wizard had made good on his promise to get them a pardon.

It was at this time Baron Highrose chose to share with them a gift of a fine bottle of wine from the Duke. Everyone drank freely, but within a day Pratch became ill. Elwin and Arthur were able to save his life by combining the knowledge of nature and alchemy. His cup and the bottle of wine had been contaminated with a rare pair of compounds that, when combined, made a powerful poison.

The group’s blame shifted immediately to the Duke of Silverfell, but Roger was adamant that it could not possibly be him. When Pratch was well enough to take part in the discussion he surprised everyone by agreeing with Roger, though his assessment of why it wasn’t the Duke was quite different. He insisted it was far too obvious and the manner it took was far too clumsy. He figured the Duke would try and kill anyone in such a way that he was absolutely free of all suspicion.

Before they could come to a conclusion they arrived at Landhaven. They were immediately guided to the throne room of the King without allowing them to bathe and dress properly. After their introductions the friends stood around uncomfortably in the company of the high born for some time. Finally the King returned and asked each of them what they thought of the Vandreer and what kind of alliance they could maintain.

At the end of the questioning the King dismissed them and said he would make his mind up before the night was over. It was then that Quentin confronted the king.



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